Dane Belbeck

Twitter: @zdane7

School: Brock University

Expertise: NCAA Football and Hoops, EPL soccer, NFL, NBA and Tebow

Teams: Florida Gators, England National Soccer Team, Manchester United, Team Tebow, Florida Gators, whatever hockey team my boy Ryan Jones plays for (currently the Oilers), and the Florida Gators

I argue for fun, juggle for show, love everything Gators, especially Tebow. Can’t spell DANgErous without Dane.


Travis King

Twitter: @tut_17

Mulgrave NS, 3 time bump-champion, ball squat enthusiast

School: Saint Francis Xavier University

Expertise: Golf, Hockey, Boston Red Sox, and romantic poetry

Three Teams: Toronto Maple Leafs, USF Bulls, and Pittsburgh Steelers

Often referred to as having the world’s greatest toe-drag.

Manu Mand

Twitter: @93mand

6’0 173 pounds

Rexdale, ON

School: York University, History Major

I like sports, i like to watch sports, i like to play sports, and i like to wager on sports.

Favourite Teams: All Toronto teams, Miami Dolphins and whoever i bet on that night.

Favourite movies/TV shows:  Scarface, GoodFellas, Dumb & Dumber,  Seinfeld, The Sopranos, The Wire.

Oh look at me, i write about sports.

Matt Parker

Twitter handle: @parker902

A native of Halifax, Nova Scotia, I was a mediocre athlete in my formative years but my career really took off once I started smoking in high school. Years of indifference, insolence, and hangovers followed until an early retirement was forced due to a high ego sprain. I found out the hard way that there’s no physio for hurt feelings. Now That I’ve retired to the press box I feel it’s my duty, no wait, my obligation to spew my verbal diarrhea all over the masses. Enjoy.

School: Saint Mary’s University

Expertise: Basketball, Footy, Hockey, Football, Baseball.

Favorite Teams: Arsenal, Boston Bruins, Toronto Blue Jays, Dallas Cowboys.

Favorite TV shows: The Wire, Fresh Prince, Seinfeld, The First 48, Family Guy.

John Spurr

Twitter: @spurzo

Whenever reading John Spurr, you should envision the Tyrannosaurus from Jurrasic Park bellowing at you, about a variety of issues that probably seem of minor importance.  Growing up on the rough streets of Victoria, BC (Gordon Head what!!) he developed his aggressive opinions while playing a variety of sports throughout BC.  A three-sport high school star/participant (debatable!!!), he embarked on a mid-20’s journey to actually broaden those horizons.  How to achieve this??  34 countries and fantastic amount of colourful stories later, his opinions have only grown frustratingly stronger.  Combining the eating habits of Ron Swanson with the blazing speed of Randy Moss his unique skill set is guaranteed to be entertaining and PROVOCATIVE??  A degenerate lover of all things sports related (except Jai-Alai, literally translates to lunatic baseball) his columns should bring an odd look at the games we all love.

Steph Rogers

Twitter: @tenrowsofpearls

Co-host of Awesome S—– Things podcast

Above average height

Below average tolerance for anyone without a sense of humour

5% body fat, 95% donuts

Yes to: men who make the first move, most hip-hop, all red wine, 1992, the poorer half of the AL East

No to: men who make the first move on facebook chat, Red Sox fans, people who tweet play-by-play, blown saves

Emma Marshall

Twitter: @theemmamarshall

I only recently started to actively tweet so don’t judge. I’m from Port Perry. Home of Kate Beirness, former Playboy playmate Jade Nicole and actress Emily Van Camp. I plan to be included with those semi-famous people in the near future. I’m short as f*ck but what I lack in height I make up in sexiness and slutiness. I am a political science major from Guelph. I am not a die hard fan of any sports teams but there are many I loathe such as the Yankees, Red Sox, White Sox, Bruins, Sabres. I could go on but that’d be more boring than this e-mail. My favourite movie is The Big Lebowski followed by The Godfather(1&2) and The Departed. I have been thinking of some good story ideas while soaking up the sun. Looking forward to some more articles.

Morgan Bell

Twitter: @vallogolfer

Stats: From the beautiful sandbar Prince Edward Island so I was on every amateur sports team there was and I was the best. No I don’t like seafood being from the east coast but I do like PEI Potatoes. I’ve never had a hole in one (still waiting) or scored higher than a 9 in tournament (i just jinxed myself) and my career low is 67. I recently found out I’m not 5’3 I’m 5’2 and I’m unhappy about it. I also love my dog Jack boyfriends beware.

School: University of Montevallo, Alabama

Expertise: Everything golf (playing, writing, talking, caddying) and not throwing a baseball like a girl thanks to my dad

Three Favorite teams: 1) Alabama Crimson Tide, Roll Tide Football 2) St. Louis Cardinals 3) Team Tiger Woods

Cool: I’m terrified of Juarassic Park and still have nightmares about Velicor Raptors and I couldn’t live without ketchup.

Mike Skrzyniak

Twitter: @Mikey_Skriz

6 foot, 225 pounds of raw steel and sex appeal from Mrs. Sauga. First offensive lineman in St. Joseph Secondary School history to score a touchdown, on purpose at least…I can do sets for days.

School: University of Toronto graduate, Mississauga campus

Expertise: Football, Basketball, Baseball, women, fine dining…

Favourite Teams: Tennessee Titans, UConn Huskies Basketball, Spread Eagles hockey club

Oreos are the best cookies in the world. I am a Mario Kart 64 deity…

5 favourite sports personalities of all time: Steve McNair, Muhammad Ali, Joe Sakic, Derek Jeter, Steve Nash

Mike Haimovitz

Twitter- @haimer10

Stats- BD: May 6, Toronto, Ontario, mini fridge like figure

University- The University of Western Ontario

Expertise- Nothing better then a good shift of grinding it in the corners and cycling it around the offensive zone…then going ched glove side.

Three favourite teams- Toronto Maple Leafs, Toronto Blue Jays, 2005 Canadian World Junior Hockey Team

Favourite Hockey Players- Wendel Clark, Doug Gilmour, Ryan Smyth

Tom Ruminski

Twitter: @TomRuminski

6 foot, 160 pounds.

Born and raised in the T Dot.

I got my very prestigious high school diploma at Mentor College.

School: Wilfrid Laurier University graduate, Honours BA in Communication Studies and a minor in Psychology.

Expertise: The North American big four…Baseball, Hockey, Football, and Basketball.

I love my Toronto teams: Blue Jays, Maple Leafs, and Raptors. Also, I dig the New England Patriots and the Golden State Warriors.

In my spare time, I love playing tennis, snowboarding, and a good game of the latest version of the EA NHL franchise.

If you want to go to lunch with me we should probably go for sushi!

Five favourite sports personalities of all time: Shaq, Ken Griffey Jr, Mats Sundin, Tom Brady, Roy Halladay.

Chris Beaulieu

Twitter: @chrisbeauly

I’ve been around. Grew up in Georgetown, home of NHL superstar Adam Bennett, graduated from St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, leached your tax dollars for three years working for the feds in Ottawa and then made my way to Toronto. Played outfield/catcher in high school baseball.  I used to throw a mean curve in my rural ball days, but it vanished like a fart in the wind. A sucker for the Leafs and Jays, and I was for the Raptors once upon a time until Vince Carter turned into a giant dooche. I’ll slap anyone who says that Rocky V was a good movie.


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