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Lookin' great in Green

10) Bubbbbbbbbbba! What a champion. Could anyone look better in green today than Bubba Watson? For someone who had never finished better than T-20 at Augusta in his three previous starts people might have been wondering how it happened? Watson is an artist and Augusta National is the best place for someone like him to go to work. You have to have imagination and you must have guts, it’s no secret why another artist, Phil Mickelson also came close to his 4th green jacket. It was great to see Watson win as he has a brand new baby boy to go home and celebrate with. Can’t wait for what the Golf Boys will do with this one!

11) It was almost a repeat for the South African nation. When you think of the PGA Tour and you look at how many South African’s hold their PGA Tour cards right now, six should come to mind (Oost, Charl, Ernie, Clark, Goose & Mulroy). For this place to have won two majors in the last two years and to have almost captured a third and second green jacket in a row it’s amazing. Louis comes from a farm, I mean straight up farm, when he won the Open Championship last year he treated himself to a tractor (see below).  These guys are good, look out for them to contend in every major this year. Louis and Charl’s swings are something spectacular.

She thinks my tractors sexy!

12) How about being low Am at Augusta National? Patrick Cantalay doesn’t mind but it certainly didn’t come easy. Pretty nice scorecard the #1 amateur in the world had yesteday check this thing out! 100% awesome.

Six par, two eagles, and a nine!

13) Back on the Louis train here… never in my life have I seen a shot like Oost hit on #2 at Augusta. Simply ridiculous. It might have been the purest looking swing I’ve ever seen and for him to dunk it from way out there to a tucked right pin behind a bunker just wow, how about an Albatross at the Masters to get your round going! Last person do to that was Gene Sarazen in 1935! Little piece of  history for Louis and I still can’t believe he threw the ball away. To the random fan who caught that, please mail it back to him! 

14) Number 16 was a popular hole yesterday, for hole in ones. Bo Van Pelt dunked a beauty followed not long after by Adam Scott. There’s only been three years including this one in the history of the Masters of double hole in ones. So sweet and both managed to post very great Sunday rounds.

Next year Freddy... Remember 1992?

15) I’m not sure what was more upsetting for me this weekend… Freddy not winning or having to PVR the last hour of the final round due to Easter Dinner. The Silver Fox continues to impress and would it ever be legendary if he could pull through for us one of these years.  Couples continues to tease us with his stellar play at Augusta year in and year out, one of these times I swear he’s going to do it and it’s going to be more legendary than Nicklaus’ 1986 Masters win. If it happens I’m flying straight to Alabama and celebrating.

At least he can make contact kicking it

16)It’s taken me a long time to write about that guy in the Sunday red shirt. Oh yeah,what’s his name again? Oh right Tiger Woods. What a horrendous display of ball striking this week and what really got me riled up even more was the amount of attention Woods pulled in at Augusta by “Live From” and everything else. Listen, the guy couldn’t find a fairway  200 yards wide and his iron play was atrocious. I can’t believe I hopped on the bandwagon so quick and picked him for this week. He continues to fascinate me and I’m not sure when we will ever see a consistent Tiger Woods again. How do you lead fairways and GIR’S in your past two starts and then do this at Augusta?  If you’re confused, join the club.

17) If anyone is ever going to pick Sergio Garcia ever again in a major don’t even think about it.  What professional golfer quotes “I’m not good enough to win a major” to the press. All I can say right now is, wow, if you don’t believe you can win a major what are you doing out on the PGA Tour? You’re better than this Sergio.

Highly entertaining stuff


18) The Masters is over… only 365 days until next year. Start the countdown. Hopefully Phil Mickelson doesn’t take a triple again next year in the final round. The two right-handed shots were entertaining. It might have been the all-beige outfit curse?


By Morgan Bell

I'm pretending it's me... Every girl can dream.

#1) So we had a tie in the rain shortened Par-3 contest, Harrington and Byrd both won! Now I’m not sure if this means that if anyone has either on their roster for fantasy golf you should immediately like I mean RIGHT NOW pull Paddy & Byrd off your fantasy rosters (Paddy’s on mine, I’m having nightmares about it already) but I’m pretty sure the curse has lived on strong for a reason. Even Donald couldn’t break the curse last year. If he can’t, can anyone?! Abort, abort, abort! Ps. When is it my turn to caddie at Augusta, all these girlfriends are making me angry!!

#2) Who in their right mind withdraws from the Masters with a tweaked back!? It’d be one thing if you were to be replaced in the field but when the field is set go with no subs play injured! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m ranting about Dustin Johnson, who withdrew with a bad back yesterday. Apparently, he suffered the injury after moving Sea-Doo’s pre-tournament. I don’t buy it. Sergio Garcia is playing with issues and has openly said he doesn’t have really any expectations (so if you have him on your    roster, scratch that) but like DJ really? It’s THE MASTERS, man up.

no comment

#3) Some pretty crazy weather rocking Augusta the past few nights. Anybody that thinks this is going to be a two-man horse race between Tiger and Rory, I’d like to tell you right now I think you’re going to be wrong. When Augusta is soft you can fire at those pins. As Mickelson said in his press-conference yesterday “If it’s playing like it did today expect it to be a jammed and a birdie fest.” I think it’s going to be jammed, and it’s going to come down to the wire on Sunday. Put a big hitter in though, as it’s going to play a long for the short-knockers. Advantage bombers.

This is what the Champions Dinner looked like

#4) Biltong, Monkey Glad Sauce, Lamb Chops and other things… That was Charl Schwartzel’s champions dinner round-up. I’m sure nobody knows what the first two things are. It’s what you’d see on a typical South Africa “Braii” as they call them. I’ve been to quite a few of those during my South African adventures and I’m definitely not a fan of Biltong, and the Monkey Glad sauce stop cringing it’s not real. Apparently, Charl wanted to man the Braii himself but they wouldn’t let him cook… shame! Anyways it was topped off with ice-cream sundays, so all in all he did well!

#5) Probably one of my favorite things to happen leading up to round one was the story about one of the poor Patron’s (as Augusta National calls spectators) story about his dog eating his tickets! Let me tell you something, I love my dog, like a lot… but this might cross the line because well I’ve never been to Augusta, and I’d give my left leg to go. Thankfully Russ Berkman managed to get part of his tickets back after making his dog, Sierra throw-up and sifting through the vomit to find pieces of his ticket. (You might be saying really, but let me tell you I’d sift through a lot worse of things for Masters tickets) Anyways, the dog is fine and Russ is at Augusta right now. Just a legendary story. The things we’ll do for Magnolia Lane.


#6) Top Five Groups to Watch.

8:45: Adam Scott, Bo Van Pelt, Martin Kaymer (Scott was in the hunt on the back nine last year, Bo Van Pelt is having a stellar season, and Kaymer needs to get it moving. Good things are going to happen here….especially if Kaymer keeps doing something like this…)

9:18: Kyle Stanley, Jason Day, Bill Haas (The under 30’s group, fire power, capable of making a lot of birdies)

10:24: Charl Schwartzel, Keegan Bradley, Kelly Kraft (A) (Charl will play well again, Bradley has guts and is undefeated in his major starts (1) why not go 2/2?, Kelly Kraft pretty comfortable pairing for the Am)

1:42: Angel Cabrera, Rory McIlroy, Bubba Watson (Cabrera has won, McIlroy will win a green jacket and Bubba well he’s just going to smash it, what a fun long group to watch, somebody is going deep!)

1:53: Phil Mickelson, Hunter Mahan, Peter Hanson (Last group out, I won’t be surprised if Mahan or Mickelson are first round co-leaders)

Green's a good colour on Phil

#7) Hands down my favorite media centre moment of the week was Phil Mickelson’s press-conference. It’s awesome enough how well he can work the room but it was even better when a reporter asked him “Phil how much would it mean to you to tie Arnie and Tiger with four green jackets?” Mickelson: “A LOT” Reporter: “Phil could you expand on that?” Mickelson: “AN AWFUL LOT”  If it comes down to Phil and Tiger down the stretch I’m going to have a hard time not going with Phil the Thrill, he’s just has the momentum these days. But as you will see later… I don’t think it will.

#8) I must comment on Rory’s resilience. All he did this week was answer questions about his collapse on last years back nine. I thought he proved himself when he went out and destroyed the field at the US Open? McIlroy comes to Augusta this year a better player (if that’s even possible) He’s #3 in Fed-Ex standings, he’s went 2-1-3 in his last three starts, if he comes 4th at Augusta I’m not going to say I told you so but I will. I don’t have him as my champion, but he will be in the mix, big time.

See ya Sunday!

#9) Here it is ladies and gentlemen, my prediction, my pick, it’s so wild and outrageous you’re not even going to believe it, hold you breath, get ready, fasten your seat belts because this one is outrageous ….. TIGER WOODS! Sure, you’re all saying jump on the bandwagon but I really think Woods’ will take home his 5th green jacket. He’s always in the mix at Augusta and right now his ball striking is deadly. He led in driving accuracy at the Honda and led in greens in regulation at Bay Hill. Put those two things together and that’s all she wrote. He’s has the confidence right now, so look out world! Tiger is back!

Enjoy the week Masters Patrons, be lazy, drink a lot of beers, sit on your couch and enjoy the best week in golf! I know I will be!