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by Morgan Bell

Mahan Mahem! The 2012 Shell Houston Open champ!

#10) Hunter Mahan made winning the Shell Houston Open look easy. He’s week-in and week-out proving why he’s now the highest ranked American player on tour, he’ll be checking in at #4 today in the official ranking. He’s now become the first multiple winner on tour in 2012, adding this week’s win to his victory at the WGC Accenture Match-Play in late February. Whatever Mahan is doing it’s working and he’s going into Augusta with all the momentum. Wonder if Bubba and Hunter will do a Ping commercial about this one… For now though looks like Bubba maybe should caddie for Mahan. 

Time to let the tears out Kim.

#11) Heartbroken. Gut-punched. Probably two good words for how rotten I.K. Kim feels right now on the LPGA Tour. Kim had a putt inside 15inches to take home the Kraft Nabisco championship… she missed. In all my years of watching the LPGA this was the worst I’ve ever felt for a player. Kim is a treat for everyone to watch, she’s pretty and she’s a damn good player. Yesterday the golf god’s decided a horseshoe putt on the last would be it for her. She never got over it, and ended up losing in a playoff to Sun Young Yoo who took the leap into Poppie’s Pond with her caddie. I’m still sick about it. I just hope she can rebound.

#12) Well the PGA Tour has finally found a player slower than Keegan Bradley (Whom I must say has greatly improved his speed of play). Now though, we’ve got a new turtle on our hands, Brian Davis. Carl Petterson was playing alongside of the slow poke and was constantly wondering what was going on. Davis took way too long doing everything today but it worked for him, he finished at -12 good enough for T-4, he should spend some of his cash on sprinting lessons. Painful for everyone.

#13) Hands and fingers are fairly important components in the golf swing and Jesper Parnevik pretty much severed his right index finger this week in a boating accident. It’s said he’s going to need months of rehabilitation but he did have a successful surgery everyone’s thoughts in the golf world are going out to him this week as his faces a very unclear future. Scary.

Yes, that is body paint folks.

#14) Natalie Gulbis is alive and well folks… She fired a tournament low 65 (-7) and went from 45th to T-8 in a hurry. The low Sunday is definitely Gulbis’ biggest cheque in a few years ($44,000), and lowest round too. She hasn’t had her mojo on the course due to injuries even though everybody sure knows she’s had it off the course. Now she’s making the body paint pictures in sports illustrated have purpose and gave me a reason to post them. You’re welcome.

#15) Yani Tseng? What happened? It’s the final round of a major! All the predictions, all the talk, and Tseng finally manages to look human on the LPGA tour and not win. I’m not overly happy about this as I really was pulling for Yani to pick up her sixth major and her 16th career win. It’s not the same kind of finish without Tseng and I’m sure she’s not pleased with her Sunday performance. I expect to see her on top of the leaderboard again very soon, like probably next week. Despite me saying she played bad, she missed a 20-footer for birdie on the last to miss out on the playoff and to finish third. Just a horrendous display Yani.

Living the good life.

#16) I’m not sure who’s happier right now, Sean Foley or Hunter Mahan? Foley is on a serious roll on the PGA Tour, he’s had four winners in the last seven weeks on tour. Mahan, Rose and Woods. Even #teamfoley is now a common hash tag on Twitter. Whatever he’s teaching it’s working, and I’d put some serious coin on any of his students at the Masters this week. He is surely getting rich.

#17) By Sunday if you see me strolling around eyes blood-shot with no sleep you should know it’s because its MASTERS WEEK. Every golf fan in the world is excited right now, this is our super bowl, our world series, but we tend to think it’s better than all of those things combined. It’s the green grass, Magnolia Lane, Rae’s Creek, Amen Corner, the pinestraw, the dogwoods, the crow’s nest, the green jacket, Norman’s collapses, Nicklaus’ 18th major, Tiger’s chip in, the par 3 contest. It’s SO MANY THINGS!! If you’re looking for me, I’ll be in front of the TV. Do not disturb.

#18) I’m having a hard time coming up with an 18th hole today because all I can think about is Augusta. So I will leave you with this tune to kick off your week. Merry Christmas golf fans. 

Top 10: Sports Video Games

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By Mike Skrzyniak

Let’s reminisce on our childhood for a bit. Or for some, what they do all the time  instead of talking to women or playing sports…you know who you are…but I digress. I’m here to discuss 10 of the best video games ever created.

I think anyone reading this post will enjoy it because there is a ton of room for debate.

These results aren’t based on any polls or anything, I’m just trying to think of some of the games that take up most of my time away from beer, broads and the occasional homework assignment…

Warning- the nostalgia on this list will bring many smiles to your face…

10. Sports Talk Baseball- Sega Genesis

For those who have played this game, you know exactly what I am talking about. You couldn’t make a throw from third without having the ball hit the ground first, Devon White was impossible to catch stealing and I triple-dog-dare ya to throw Ron Gant a fastball. The graphics weren’t very good, the commentary was worse, but it didn’t matter. This was one of the most entertaining games of my childhood. And for you Blue Jays fans, the lineup was:

1.Devo  2. Robbie Alomar  3. Joe Carter   4. Dave Winfield  5. Kelly Gruber  6. Johnny O  7. The Candy Man  8. Pat Borders  9. Manny Lee


9. NHL 94- Sega or Super Nintendo

Before there was Sidney Crosby, Alexander Ovechkin and Duncan Keith, there was Craig Janney, Cliff Ronning, and Ray Bourque. The game play was simple. A was pass, B was shoot. C was body check. Sometimes, less is more.  Anyways, before Xbox complicated things with the skill stick  (who really wants to do that when you’re inebriated, seriously) you used the D-pad and your entire game plan on defence focused on cutting your opponent off from crossing your goalie’s face, aka “The Cheat move.” The most satisfying way to score was to hammer one-timers and trust me, you never got tired of it. This was also the first game to let you play an entire season, create a player, and receive end-of-the-year awards. And to continue with appealing to Torontonians, you got to play with Doug Gilmour, Dave Ellett, Jamie McCoun, Wendel Clark, Mike Gartner, Felix Potvin, and my boy Drake Berehowsky. Enough said. Just don’t let the opponent pick Pittsburgh….

8. The FIFA series.

I’m in no way a soccer guy. I know the basics, but if I try to argue with our futbol aficionado Matty Parker, I would embarrass myself beyond belief. However, to enjoy any of the FIFA games you don’t need to be a soccer guru. BUT you MUST know how to execute perfect through balls, how to move the ball around your net and you should try to understand basic formations. The 3-4-2-1 helps out your defence and you need players with tons of stamina to execute this game plan, for example. Now you can get by not knowing a single thing about soccer, but make sure your opponent knows equally, or less than you do. FIFA is not for the average gamer or sports fan. And don’t think for second that your coming off the pitch with a broken leg either….

7. WWF No Mercy- Nintendo 64

I know wrestling isn’t a sport, but I don’t care. This may be one of the most underrated video games of all time. Whether you watched wrestling or not, you know who Stone Cold, The Rock, The Undertaker and HHH are. No Mercy was the WWF’s version of the popular WCW Revenge video game, but the game play blows Revenge out of the water.You could participate in Ladder matches and beat the crap out of your friends with weapons such as garbage cans and broom sticks. You could also create your own wrestlers and pursue the dream of holding the Intercontinental title! Seriously though, this game was fun to play alone or with some buddies. Just try to avoid triple threat ladder matches with your boys, unless you are trying to kill two hours. I will take my record with The Deadman to the grave. If you challenge me, something like this will probably happen…

6. NFL Blitz- Nintendo 64

Roger Goodell must have nightmares about this game. This game encouraged hits after the whistle, body slamming quarterbacks, and it ALLOWED pass interference! Blitz may have been the only game you looked forward to playing defence. There really wasn’t any strategy involved. Half of the time, you would pick “Da Bomb” on offence, and blitzing was dangerous if you were facing mobile QBs like Kordell Stewart or Steve Young. I personally wasn’t a big fan of the  power ups, but you could unlock the option of having a big head or unlimited turbo. I was also a big fan of the 45 yard dropback by the quarterbacks…

This game came out around the same time I started watching the NFL, and I thank the creators of this game for enhancing my love of american football.

5. The Tiger Woods series.- Playstation and Xbox

You know why Tiger Woods games are so great? Because dads across the land are easily persuaded to play and always willing to share advice. The graphics were exquisite, and the effect the weather had on the game made the experience much more realistic. If you think playing golf in the real world is humbling, try attacking St.Andrews on a blustery day in Tiger Woods. By adding turbo or back spin on your shots, The Tiger Woods games are very user-friendly and a delight, as long as you are coordinated with your thumbs, of course. This is by far the closest you will ever get to being Tiger Woods. This game also shows you just how flexible and athletic Tiger really is…

I just can’t wait for the add-ons in the new game such as the obstacle course section where you have to back your Escalade out of the driveway while your wife, who just found out you are cheating on her, chases you with a driver.

4. NBA 2K games- Xbox/Playstation

The balance between realism and aesthetics sets the NBA 2K games apart from most sports games. For hardcore basketball fans, this series created by Visual Concepts got it right. The game play screams perfection. The “Season Mode” is very entertaining; there is so much to do in the off-season to make your team better that it’s hard to put down the controller. You can send your players to mini training camps and based on your performance, you can add to your player’s existing abilities. Basically, you can take Dwight Howard to free-throw camps until he becomes reliable enough that he won’t screw you over late in games. It may take until the 2019 season, but you get the point.  I believe this is one that every basketball fan, whether you’re a gamer or not, should at least try to play. You will regret it if you don’t. There is one glich in the realism of this game though, it has LeBron James in the dunk contest and not punking out like he does in real life…

3. Wayne Gretzky’s 3D Hockey- Nintendo 64

My goodness, the hours my friends and I spent chirping each other about this game… This 3 vs. 3 adventure (you can play 5 on 5 but it wasn’t as fun) was more enjoyable when playing with friends. From turning your goalie into a brick wall, to an ambulance driving by after you obliterated an opponent with a power check or lighting the net on fire with a power slap shot, “Gretzky’s” was one of the most entertaining video games ever created. The fact that you can score with 0 seconds left on the clock left many broken hearts on the ice as well. This is one of those games where I didn’t prefer having women watch us play because I don’t think they could understand the intensity that this game brings out of the competitive gamer. I never sweat during video games, unless I’m playing Wayne Gretzky’s 3D Hockey…

2. The Madden Series- post N64

For pigskin die-hards, is there anything more fun than running a fantasy draft with your buddies? How satisfying is it when you run your own personal draft and develop your team into a dynasty? Everyone always traded their first round draft pick for a top-tier receiver as well, and if you didn’t, well you just don’t know Madden! One reason why I love Madden is because you HAVE to know what you’re doing. Like Warren Sapp said, don’t bring the draw on third and long. What were you thinking Sonya? The graphics are phenomenal and the realism, holy crap, they brought back the double down?!?! Uh oh, my poor arteries…sorry about that, but yeah, Madden is amazing. The only thing I don’t like about the game is Cris Collinsworth. I don’t hate the man, I just find his voice very annoying. Madden is the only video game I purchase annually, unless I find a burned copy of course. This is also the only video game that actually affects people in real life. Just check out these two videos if you don’t believe me…

If you don’t know about the Madden Curse, see Vince Young, Shaun Alexander and Peyton Hillis.

1. NBA Jam- Sega/SNES/Xbox 360

All I need to say is, “Boomshakalaka” and “He’s on Fire.”


Honorary mentions: Super Mario Strikers for Gamecube, Blades of Steel for OG Nintendo, Mike Tyson’s Punch Out/Super Punch Out, NCAA March Madness 2010 for Xbox 360 and MLB Slugfest.

Ken Griffey Jr’s Slugfest for Nintendo just missed the cut as well. Definitely #11

The Airing of Grievances

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By John Spurr


1)Mike Wallace and the Pittsburgh Steelers – Wallace is a 25 year old wide receiver who just made his first Pro Bowl and is the league’s premier deep threat. He is property of the Pittsburgh Steelers but they are in salary cap

Someone is going to pay me a salary Thissssss Big

purgatory and have had to cut such Steelers mainstays as James Farrior and Aaron Smith. They have a reported $5.8 million worth of cap space for Wallace, who is a restricted free agent. Therefore, any team in the whole NFL can simply outbid the Steelers and have a young Pro Bowl receiver that can make a stagnant, one-dimensional offense scary with one simple move. It would cost any team that made this move their first round draft pick but if you’re a team with a late first it is almost a guarantee that Mike Wallace will be better. Yes I said it better than anybody you will draft from picks 20 to 32. Teams that make a ton of sense to me are listed in a very particular order.

Denver Broncos, give Peyton the best deep threat he’s ever had and now you’re approaching a half decent team. Oh and you have over $20 million in cap space, I am confounded as to why this has not happened.

Baltimore Ravens, for the Flacco haters out there, allow me to inform you that Joe Flacco actually throws one of the best deep balls in the league. Give him the best weapon he’s ever had, and steal from your division rival who happens to be your teams’ kryptonite. It would be the most satisfying thieving since Neon Deion went to San Francisco from Dallas.

Chicago Bears, you have the cap space, since you were courting Mario Williams, so why not give Jay Cutler another weapon to go along with Brandon Marshall and Matt Forte. I mean you almost ran him out of town by calling him a pussy and have deprived him of a real receiver for his entire time in Chicago. Why not remedy this and create a potent offense capable of going head to head with the powerhouse Packers (that sounds funny) and the dangerous Detroit Lions (just seems weird). Seriously, the Steelers have left themselves vulnerable, why isn’t somebody jumping on this opportunity.

2) Roger Goodell and his team of ballerina lawyers – So the league will be instituting more rules to protect the quarterback next season. What?? How?? Tom Brady gets roughing the passer calls when people graze his shoulder. I swear that in the near future, pass rushing will consist of a guy standing at the line of scrimmage scowling at the quarterback or the line doing something like this..

3) Three and a half Day March Madness Break – Except for this weird winter, mid March is usually colder than Stephen Harper’s smile, so we need something to preoccupy ourselves between meals. Can we please get that break shortened, its not like they need the time to recover. Do you remember being twenty? You could do anything… play rugby, get drunk, or try and do a back flip, two days later you were fine, no matter what. Come On!!!!

4) FC Barcelona – They are ruining soccer. We get it you’re amazing, you’ve compiled more than twice as many elite players onto one team than any other team in the world. You’re untouchable, no wait that’s the ball while you guys play keep-away from the other team. Eventually people are going to get bored and things like this will happen…
Could you imagine if the 1992 US Men’s Basketball team, or the Dream Team for those of you who live in caves, played against other teams on a regular basis? It would be awful, there’s nothing exciting about seeing a constant mismatch of talent. The great thing about the Dream Team is that it happened once, for four weeks and now we can remember them fondly. Parody is a beautiful thing, ask the NFL and their immense shared revenue streams. Could you imagine how great soccer in Spain would be if there were 10 good teams.

5) The New York Jets – Could there be a more loathsome team that also happens to be an NFL media darling? They’re faction of disappointing super-egos consist of Rex Ryan, the only person to have his stomach stapled and still be a 300 plus pounder, here’s a piece of advice Rex…put down the fork. If the saying goes that a man is only as good as his word, then this is an awful man, who is constantly promising things and then not delivering. At cornerback for the Jets, absentee father to nine children with eight different woman and probably the only athlete with a worse grasp of media relations than LeBron James… Antonio Croooomartie. On Tuesday, the colourful moron tweeted that “we don’t need Tebow.” Jets management, realizing listening to Cromartie would be like listening to Charles Barkley’s advice on fixing your golf swing, decided to trade for Tebow the next day. Which brings me to my last grievance, could there be a less talented duo of qb’s that will receive so much coverage. The answer of course is no, Tebow and Sanchez will receive a nauseating amount of media attention, which should sicken you considering their career pass completion percentages are both less than 76 percent. But girls like them so I guess you should too.