Who Should Read This

If you have ever been on a double date and discussed, with the other guy, the quality of your dates in front of the girls by using professional sports teams as descriptions……you should probably read this blog.  “Well I’d say I’m dealing with the Washington Capitals here……great on paper but just don’t put up the results at crunch time.” Translation (She looks fantastic when she’s rocking the full make up and solid gear but come 8 a.m. when you roll over you will not be impressed with what you see).

If you have ever rung up the front desk clerk at a hotel for taking too long with a taxi number……you should probably read this blog.  What do we mean when we say “rung up”.  Let my friend from the Hawaii give you as visual……

If you have ever considered 12 hours of NCAA basketball coverage on television an appropriate activity for your one-year anniversary with your girl……..you should probably read this blog (Note to everyone: Do not get in relationships during March or the first 2 weeks of April…..too much stuff going on)

If you have ever informed someone that they “owe us a set” in the middle of a social setting where someone doing pushups seems absurd……you should probably read this blog. It’s fine that you need to use the washroom during a 30 hour bus trip, just be ready to give us a set of 25 on the way out.  In fact if you are reading this blog……well then you owe us a set…..go ahead, we will wait…..

If you have ever cut your best friend from your intramural team……..you should probably read this blog.  Friends don’t shank bumps on an easy float serve in volleyball or miss tackles in ‘flag’ football. Friends don’t show up 15 minutes late for regular season intramural indoor soccer. Friends don’t wear a black shirt when clearly the facebook message sent out three days prior said wear red. Friends may come and go, but Intramural t-shirts and glory last forever.

If you have done a goal celebration such as this…..

after toe-dragging the entire team of 60 year olds after sneaking on the ice at Senior’s Shinny……then you should probably read this blog.

If you have sat through a NCAA game between Western Kentucky and Middle Tennessee State with your monthly rent cheque on the line……you should probably read this blog…….more importantly read the “Gettin’ Paid” section of this blog.

If you think this is like every other sports blog that some loser in his basement starts writing then please leave now….Ya it’s just a sports blog alright…….and World War II was just a war…..and Hayden Panettiere is just a girl.  It’s not just a blog, it’s like dancing to Lady Humps…..and it’s also a damn good time, and you can do a lot to us but Do Not Threaten Us With A Good Time.

  1. brianpenn says:

    Ouch, from a Washington Caps die-hard. Very funny though and quite true. Thanks and keep ’em coming!


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