Joey Votto Extension Crushes Jays Fan’s Dream

Posted: April 16, 2012 by centennialsports in Baseball

by Tom Ruminski

To the Toronto Blue Jays, Joey Votto was that hot girl in college that all of sudden appeared to have an interest in you. She smiled at you, laughed when you came her way, and would occasionally eye f*ck the sh*t out of you.
It looked like a certain thing, that is, until the ex-boyfriend got in the way…the Cincinnati Reds, who decided to propose to the girl with a 10-year-225-million dollar contract extension and win her back.

The dream is over……sigh.

Millions of Jays fan are devastated after hearing news of the monster extension handed out to the Toronto native. Votto, the apple of the Blue Jays desire, was expected to hit the free-agent market in the 2013 offseason after negotiations with the Reds appeared to hit a snare. He could have been the perfect complement to a righty-heavy lineup, provided protection for slugger Jose Bautista, and could have pushed the team to the brink of legitimate contention in the tough AL East.

Coming off a so-called “disappointing” offseason, Blue Jays fans were expecting the team to make an all-out effort to acquire the 2010 NL MVP. With the team losing out on the bidding war for Japanese sensation Yu Darvish, and the lack of attention given to MVP-caliber first baseman Prince Fielder, the masses had turned their attention to Votto. The Richview alumni right fully deserves the attention. Since becoming a full-time player in 2008 he has put up a total of a 120 homeruns, 403 runs batted in, and a batting average of .312 with an OPS of .954. In addition, it appears he has overcome emotionally trying issues that haunted him during his first couple of seasons. In particular, these problems were caused by an onset of depression caused by the death of his father during the early stages of his playing career.

The acquisition of Votto would have given the Blue Jays a first baseman that would match up with the best in the division.

Furthermore, his numbers surpass the likes of Mark Texeria, Carlos Pena, Mark Reynolds, and arguably Adrian Gonzalez. He would have enjoyed the prime of his career dawning Jays logo on his hat. However, with one swift move the Reds burst the bubble.

What does this mean to the Blue Jays? The answer is quite simple. It means it is time to rethink the clubs five-year-or-less policy for free agents and their own players. The team has reached to the verge of contention, thanks in large part to a minor league system that is considered a prospect gold mind. However, to sustain its potentially new found success, the team must be able to retain its homegrown stars.

Enjoy him while we got him Jay fans

For players like Jose Bautista and Brett Lawrie, the Votto extension signifies that there are teams on the open market that are willing to break the bank for a franchise player. Especially in the case of Lawrie, it will be almost impossible to sign him to a five-year contract because the market price for him could be sky high. Moreover, there is a growing trend in the MLB to sign star players to decade long contracts. In addition to the Votto extension, examples of such deals include the Troy Tulowitzki, Alex Rodriguez, and Albert Pujols contracts, as well as a nine-year deal handed out to all-world slugger and cheeseburger enthusiast Prince Fielder.

So the high school crush has moved on, however, there is still time to lock up the new girl. The Toronto Blue Jays need to pop the question to Brett Lawrie sooner than later, or risk losing another “dream girl”.


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