Airing of Grievences Round II

Posted: April 16, 2012 by centennialsports in Uncategorized

By John Spurr

Betting on Kentucky is like betting that this marriage would fail

There are a few things/people that have really been bugging me this week and here they are.


People who are really proud of picking Kentucky to win the NCAA Basketball Tournament  –  Congratulations, you chose the team that was the consensus tournament number one and who had 5 to 2 odds to win.  They only started five guaranteed first round draft picks and were lead by one of the best coaches in college basketball.  Their top two players (Anthony Davis and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist) are almost locks to get drafted first and second overall in the 2012 NBA Draft.  They won in dominating fashion and you called it, nicely done.  Just don’t go bragging about it, everyone knew they’d win as long as they didn’t fall apart like a 14 year old dude asking a girl out.    Way to go out on a limb for your pick, I would also like to wish you luck with your Packers, Angels, Heat and Penguins picks too.  Are you gonna pick the US to win Men’s basketball at the Olympics too?


The Louisiana State Senate  –  On April 4th the Louisiana State senate passed a resolution urging the NFL to reconsider its one year suspension of Saints head coach Sean Payton.  Are you serious?  How pathetic is this state? I understand that football is very important to this state and that it gave the people of New Orleans a moral boost while they rebuilt their city after Hurricane Katrina blah blah blah.  The state senate really shouldn’t have the time to consider the Saints suspension issues a problem that requires addressing.  Maybe instead they should focus on actual policies to improve the state, considering the average income in Louisiana is 31k ranking 41st in the country, or that for 23 years straight the state has the highest murder rate in the country (seriously that’s f*cking awful).  Just to make things even worse (or better depending on how much you appreciate idiocy), the next day a recording from inside the Saints locker room prior to their NFC Wildcard game against the 49ers was released.  It was unlike anything I’ve heard, as Gregg Williams very coldly talked about targeting specific injuries on 49ers players.  It was a terrible pregame speech and I urge Al Pacino or Ray Lewis to slap Williams in the face and show him how to motivate.  So now the State Senate gets to backtrack and pretend like they were just kidding, because it is becoming painfully obvious that the penalties being administered to the Saints are very warranted.


Dwight Howard – It is a serious treat to watch him play basketball, if he is trying, he displays the athleticism to be the best big man since Shaq and to be honest his skill set could allow him to be better if he really applied himself.  The guy is just such a douche though, I used to think that big grin he had on all the time was a representation of how much fun he has playing ball.  Now I take it as, “I’m better than all the people in this building and should be able to do whatever I want.”  The interview with his head coach, Stan Van Gundy, was rude, arrogant and incredibly two-faced.  It was being reported that Howard had approached the Magic ownership and basically said that he wanted Stan Van gone.  In the interview Van Gundy is asked about the rumor and he confirmed that he had heard it too.  In comes “the big sleazy” basically daring his head coach to say something in front of him.  It was probably the most awkward scrum interview I’ve ever seen and I really feel bad for the shrill voiced Van Gundy.  Howard knows he holds the power in Orlando and he is ruthlessly cocky about, this shit really grinds my gears.


Mike Milbury – I don’t know who decided that Mike Milbury should be a hockey analyst but somehow he’s bullied his way into a fairly prominent position.  He gets to weigh in on violent hits and declare what’s dirty or not.  That’s like asking a priest to run a daycare, it just doesn’t seem right.  I mean all Milbury did in his day career was run around getting penalties and then beat a New York Rangers fan with his own shoe in the stands.

This meathead also singlehandedly set back the New York Islanders franchise probably a decade by trading away players like Zdeno Chara, Roberto Luongo and Jason Spezza, for the likes of Alexei Yashin.  Also, who loves Rick Dipietro’s crazy 15 year contract, well let’s all thank Mike Milbury for that fantastic trendsetting contract.  Mike’s latest moment of brilliance came when Milbury was charged for verbally and physically assaulting a 12 year old boy during his son’s peewee hockey game.  So when Mike Milbury comes out and calls Sidney Crosby a punk who is secretly one of the dirtiest players in the league, I just have to laugh and call baloney (thanks Ms Corningstone).  Sidney Crosby is far too busy being the most dynamic offensive player on the planet to worry about slowing down and being overly dirty but it is hockey so I’m sure he gets a little bit of stick work in.  Amazingly, Milbury has still managed to maintain his hockey analyst job and there were even rumblings that he might replace Don Cherry on Hockey Night In Canada.  Seriously people next time you’re enjoying a little rant from Grapes, think to yourself, holy fuck I’m glad I’m not listening to Mike Milbury.

  1. Sean Poulsen says:

    Loved it buddy! Well said and right on the money on all counts!

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