Mid-Week Morning Wood (April 5th)

Posted: April 5, 2012 by centennialsports in Morning Wood

By Dane Belbeck

Blake Griffin aka the Red Bull

It’s 2am on a Thursday morning and it’s blatantly obvious I will not be sleeping anytime soon. It’s April and there is way too much fanastic sports stuff going on right now. NBA and NHL Playoffs firing up soon, The Masters this weekend, NFL Draft right around the corner, drunken TFC experiences in full swing, and of course me firing darts from 200+ at long par 4’s. With all this excitement it’s easy to get confused as to why I wake up with a full tent pitched every morning. Well here are the reasons it’s happening Thursday…

1. Blake show

April 5th, 2012 let it be known the Blake Griffin will be known as the Bull…because we haven’t seen a Spaniard get dominated as easily as Blake did since this…

In case you have no idea what I’m talking about, the Los Angeles Lakers played the Los Angeles Clippers on Wednesday night in the battle of the Staples Center, and apparently Blake ate some bad spanish food this week and wanted to take it out on Pau Gasol…

He wasn’t done there…

Might wanna make like a matador and step aside next time Pau, cuz you just got gored.

2. Masters Kick-off

It was Christmas Eve for any golf fan Wednesday night as it was the night before the Masters, because as we all know, nothing says golf like a club that is known for blatant racism and prejudice against women right? Yes the Masters is kind of cheesy, and yes Jim Nantz is quickly running out of friends to say hello to with his Masters lingo, but the golf tournament always makes for some dramatic theatre, and when Tiger is in the mix (which he is every Masters) golf is just way more interesting. Will Rory have another huge meltdown? Will Tiger keep his hot streak alive after winning at Bay Hill? Will I win over 600 dollars on my 126/1 bet on Kyle Stanley to win? Will anything more impressive then this Martin Kaymer shot from a practice round on Tuesday happen?

We will know the answers to these questions Sunday evening. Just do not tell me the Masters doesn’t really start until the back nine on Sunday, because I can not sustain my Masters wood for that long.

3. Blue Jays are Back

The Jays kick-off another season, and a very important one, with a 3:05pm start time in Cleveland Thursday (The Mets also start tommorrow at 1:10pm but if I begin to talk about them this will turn into a 5000 word essay and I will sob uncontrollably). Is this the season the Jays finally make the next step and fulfill their potential that has people calling them the “Tampa Bay of the North?” Solid looking team overall this year for the Jays, and with the addition of an additional wild card playoff position, the chances of the Jays making the postseason has definitely increased. Obviously the area of concern is the starting rotation, that and Brett Lawrie getting arrested for punching a Batboy after a 3rd inning flyout in a May regular season game (love the intensity though). Let’s just hope the Jays make the playoffs because we seriously need an update on the song from their last postseason run.

4. Dance Dance Revolution

Having a cheerleading/dancing Russian for a girlfriend means I’m surrounded by dancing and revolution…and vodka of course. Well it also means I have watched a few dance television shows in my day. How this man does not have his own show is a travesty that needs to be rectified immediately. Yes it’s 5 minutes long but you need to watch this entire thing, thank me later…


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