Elway to Tebow: Thanks for Nothin’…

Posted: March 22, 2012 by skrizznasty in Pigskin

This still looks weird....

What happens after you flip the script on a floundering franchise, earn a playoff victory, while keeping a squeaky-clean image in the eye of the Almighty?

Apparently if you’re Tim Tebow, not much…

The Denver Broncos pulled off another miracle. Despite persuasions from a Super Bowl contender (San Francisco) and the state where him and his wife have many ties to (Tennessee), #18 decided he’d like to battle the altitude in Colorado for a team with inferior weapons to say the least.

I guess all that Tebowing finally paid off for Bronco fans?

If Manning stays healthy, the Broncos are the perennial favourites to win the AFC West. The division was very weak last year but I do think the Raiders have potential, and the Chiefs are still very young and were crippled with injuries but I don’t know if either team has enough to topple the new swaggered-out Broncos and their in”Von”cible defence. I would consider San Diego, but…it’s the Chargers. Enough said.

So now, what happens to Tim Tebow? The former Florida Gator was easily the most discussed athlete of 2011. I was convinced the Heisman winner was sent down by Jesus Christ himself just to get the church some free advertising on Sundays.

I don’t want to get into this because we all know the story. Coach John Fox didn’t want him, VP of Football Operations and Bronco deity John Elway didn’t want him, some fans didn’t even want him.

But then, he won. A lot. I mean, a lot, a lot. Even in the playoffs, he won, which angered Steeler fans everywhere…

I’ve always chuckled at the expression “A two on the road is a 10 at home,” referring to my endeavours in favourable party locations such as St. Catherines and Kingston, Ontario,. This same logic could be applied to Tebow. It may have been ugly, but he got the job done.

Oh, how quickly people forget. Tebow wins and yet he still can’t win…

Today, the regained prestige, all of the comebacks, the record amount of jerseys sold, the infinte number of characters taken up on Twitter, the numerous articles written in papers and in Sports Illustrated, all of it has now evaporated with Manning’s new five-year deal.

ESPN is reporting that the Broncos are now looking for a suitable trading partner to deal their 2010 first round pick to.

If I’m Tebow, do I want to leave Denver? He should think about what future Washington Redskin Robert Griffin III said about what an honour it would be to hold Manning’s clipboard.Should the Broncos be so quick to trade Tebow? Do you think the Broncos can afford to see Peyton attempt a quarterback sneak on a third and one with defensive lineman like Richard Seymour, Vaughn Martin (raised in Toronto, btw) and linebackers like Tamba Hali hovering over him? I highly doubt it.

The Miami Dolphins, who have missed out on EVERYONE this off-season, along with Tebow’s home-town Jacksonville Jaguars, who are looking for ANYTHING that will help that dismal franchise sell tickets- are the two most intriguing teams that may desire Tebow’s services. These teams desperately need Tebow, in fact this was the last time anyone cared about the Dolphins…

What could Tebow learn from Joe Philbin that he couldn’t learn from Peyton Manning? Are you telling me the Jaguars have a better offence than the Broncos? The answers are: nothing and no.

I’m aware that the decision is out of Tebow’s hands. I’m utterly shocked to hear that the Broncos feel inclined to rid themselves of a player who in limited time has done so much for their franchise. If Tebow was a third or fourth round choice, then fine, I get it. But Tebow was drafted 25th overall. Are the Broncos going to receive corresponding value? Is any team going to trade a first round pick for a quarterback who is constantly ridiculed for his quarterback-ing skills?

This whole situation stinks if you ask me.

The Broncos had a quarterback who teammates, along with fans, supported. They were winning and had the chance to surround Tebow with greater complimenting pieces, like a mobile tight end, a la his former college buddy Aaron Hernandez and/or a more reliable wide receiver. Mike Wallace, anyone?

Mike Wallace could still end up being a Bronco, but he will be receiving passes from a different type of quarterback. A quarterback who will be forbidden from making plays with his legs. A player who will be calling plays from the line and a player who will need to rely on his offensive line to keep him from taking any hits because the next one may be his last…

Manning may have been strongly persuaded by Elway’s “going out on top” speech. It would be the proverbial cherry on top of the delicious chocolate sundae that has been Peyton Manning’s NFL career. I just hope Peyton stays healthy despite his new surroundings.

However, I think it’s safe to say Tebow won’t be praying for any more mile-high miracles any time soon.

Editor’s note- This was written before Tebow was traded to the New York Jets on Wednesday … but the editor was out getting crushing jager bombs in celebration of Tebow heading to the big apple to unseat the Sanchize to post on time…


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