Pardon the Interruption: The Kid is back Part II

Posted: March 18, 2012 by centennialsports in Puck

Return to the Throne King Sid

By Mike Haimovitz

It’s safe to exhale.

Tend to your crying child that hasn’t eaten in two months.

Stop using your sick days at work just in case something happens. We can all go back to our normal lives.

The hockey world returned to its proper state again on Thursday as Sidney Crosby is back from his second concussion in 13 months … but the buzz is not the same.

He looked great out there, just as though he never lost a beat. Crosby immediately stepped back in and sat upon his perch as ‘Best Player in the World’.

For the few people in the United States that watched his comeback the first time, they sure as hell don’t care about it for part two. Not many people do.

While the Americans may not be engrossed in the Crosby watch, the networks in our hockey-crazed nations have essentially shut down to focus on all things Sidney.

It just so happens that his second comeback coincides with the first night of arguably the greatest sports tournament in North America. Let’s just say my priorities are set.

Except for fans of the Penguins, or hockey-only hosers in our great nation, people are more worried about their March Madness brackets then whether Matt Cooke can deposit one-timers from Sid in to the back of the net.

TSN took away two and a half hours of tournament coverage on one of their channels in order to broadcast the Crosby return.
We all want to see Crosby, but do you really need to skip out on some tournament coverage to show us his second kick at the can. Since TSN claims that “Hockey Lives Here”, perhaps they should stick to that mantra and let a network that will focus 100 percent on the March Madness broadcast it.

I want to see if my sleeper prediction pans out, I want to see buzzer beaters and half court shots, missed free throws and white bench guys in full warm-up gear dancing awkwardly following every made three-pointer by their teammates. I don’t need to see Crosby climbing over the boards every three shifts.

I want to see wild momentum swings, deep three-pointers, star players fouling out early and smokin’ hot college cheerleaders. Not Crosby working the side wall on the power play.

He is healthy and ready. I couldn’t be happier. But it is just another game. In fact forget about Crosby, there was crucial divisional points on the line.

The Penguins captain seemed like he served as a good distraction to his team, who are now four points behind the New York Rangers for first in the Atlantic Division following their victory Thursday.

I fully understood the hype of his first comeback. I am guilty for falling into it. It was huge for the NHL and for all hockey fans. I was worried about his future just like everyone else but star players get injured all the time. He will probably get injured again at some point … it’s the nature of the fastest game on ice.

So let’s quit holding our breath every time he goes into the corner, or takes an open-ice hit. He is back, time to move on, he is a big boy.

Now, back to the madness.

Side note: That sound you just heard was every NHL executive just saying “Oh Sh*t.” One of the hottest teams in the league just added the best player in the world. Good luck.


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