The Golf Girl’s Front Nine

Posted: March 16, 2012 by centennialsports in Golf

By Morgan Bell

Transitions Championship and things..

A late front nine from the golf girl.

1) Paddy Harrington just fired a 61. He shattered the course record at Innisbrook and he also beat his career low by one. Now before the entire golf world utters a collective WTF?, let’s remember that Paddy is a guy who consistently flys under the radar and finished T-7 at Pebble Beach not too long ago. Sneaky good form from the Irishman, and being that Saturday is St Patrick’s Day, you might wanna toss some cash down on Mr. Harrington this weekend.

2) Tom Lewis made his 2012 PGA Tour debut today. Wondering who he is? Remember the “old Tom, young Tom” at the 2011 British Open? That’s him. Tom shot +1 today but it’s okay because young Tom is quite possibly the new Adam Scott or Camilo Villegas (ed. note- just think Natalie Gulbis but a dude) of golf. He’s 21, and looks like a he belongs on an Abercrombie bag. If he shoots 90 people are still going to watch every swing. He’s a sponsors dream.

3) The LPGA kicked off in the USA today………………………………………. I hear crickets. Oh wait, Yani Tseng shot -7 and leads but she’s getting no attention as per usual (ed. note- maybe because nobody can pronounce her damn name). She only won seven times last season and once already this year. No big deal. By the way this tournament is for charity so the ladies don’t take home any money this week, imagine that.

4) Tiger’s achilles is fine…. He was walking great on Good Morning America this morning promoting Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13. It’s a good buy because Rickie Fowler is on the cover. He also says he’ll be at the Masters, surprise surprise!

5) John Daly shot -2 to open up his PGA Tour season. He’s playing on a sponsors invite and hopefully can get his season going. Somehow his story just never gets old and neither does him saying “Woo Pig Sooie”.

Speaking of players trying to play their way back to the tour.

6) Mike Weir finally found a little form on Thursday … just not on the PGA Tour. He shot -4 (68) and is four shots behind tournament leader Matteo Manassero at the Andalucia Open in Spain. Weir needs to do something right now as he’s the 23-ranked Canadian, behind such household names as Darren Griff, Richard T. Lee and Ron Harvey Jr.  Heck he might even be behind this guy….

It goes without saying that being behind those illustrious names isn’t exactly doing great things for his world golf ranking. Lucky for him he’s a Masters winner or he wouldn’t be playing at Augusta.

7) Luke Donald is T-10 after an opening round 68 … if he wins he regains world #1. Him and Rory McIlroy’s flip-flopping is giving me Masters nightmares. How does one pick?!

So nice...she was mentioned thrice!

8) The new Big Break cast was released for the Golf Channel and it’s an all girls show in Atlantis. It features a music producer, Martin Kaymer’s girlfriend, a part-time model who is 19, Martin Kaymer’s girlfriend, a daughter of a former NHL player and some retired come-backers … oh ya and Martin Kaymer’s girlfriend.

Saved the best for last.

9) Jim Furyk’s new sponsorship. FIVE HOUR ENERGY. This is laugh out loud material.

I’m a huge Furyk fan but really, he needs it at the gym? Does he even go to the gym aside from in this commercial? He needs it to get through meetings? Jim you play professional golf for a living … what meetings are you frequently attending? Couldn’t they have roped someone young and fit in to do this? While this may not seem like a perfect fit, it still makes me want to down one at the turn.

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